Engineering Unique Solutions
Advanced Biocide Technologies is a unique biotech corporation using advancements in chemistry to create new benchmarks in the disinfection and sterilization industry.


Advanced Biocide Technologies (ABT) designs and manufactures a modern, effective and safe solution for the environment.


Let our experienced team show you how increased safety against pathogens, bacteria, fungi and algae can be simple and affordable. The ABT team demonstrates integrity, honesty, and professionalism.


Our products offer groundbreaking efficacy and efficiency. With never-before-seen results, we provide speedy results in a wide range of applications. Whether medical, industrial, commercial, military, or residential uses we provide the fastest disinfection time.


Advanced Biocide Technologies provides cost-effective solutions for your home, business, hospital, hotel, cruise-ship, municipal water facility, swimming pool, restaurant, food processing facility, farm, ranch, oil industry, and many more. We have the solution you’re looking for!


Advanced Biocide Technologies™
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