PSA: Moldy Wood = Poisonous Fire

PSA: Moldy Wood = Poisonous Fire

PSA: Moldy Wood = Poisonous Fire

We are huge fans of a good old-fashioned fire in the cold winter months.

Yesterday, when my wood-pile was low, I turned to my local store. I was shocked by what I found: extremely moldy firewood for sale. Check out these pics.

I decided I had to buy it so that I could show you what to look out for – and offer a winter warning.

Please DO NOT BURN moldy wood. Burning it essentially releases a spore bomb of mold, affecting you, your family, your pets, and your home. The spores that don’t land on you or enter your lungs will settle onto surfaces and, if they find moisture, they’ll do what they do best: prolifically grow into colonies.

So, why was this wood so moldy?
1. It was shrink wrapped in plastic – keeping moisture in
2. It was stored inside a heated building – incubating the spores

If you see any black, blue, green, white growth – protect yourself and your pocketbook and buy (or harvest) only wood free of mold. Not only is that moldy wood dangerous, it’s also damp and not going to put out too much heat.

Feeling bad for the employees working in shops where wood is stored indoors like this. No doubt they’re feeling the effects of the mold on their health.

Here’s a great article we found, written by Hunker, for more information on what happens when you burn moldy wood:

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