21st Century Wastewater Management

Biotab7 is a dynamic product for the 21st century that treats water while maintaining systems.

As a purifier, deodorizer, and antimicrobial, Bitoab7 can do it all; from treating raw water to increasing the yield and quality of municipal drinking water. EPA registered and fully certified.

Non-carcinogenic and producing clean, healthy, and fresh water, Biotab7 is the new solution you’ve been looking for.





Treatment Ponds

Biotab7 can be added to an existing network of waste stabilization ponds. Proven to be not only more effective and efficient than chlorine, Biotab7 also destroys chlorine-resistant microorganisms. It removes phosphorus, manganese, and ammonia, and also has excellent sludge characteristics. Studies have proven our product to be extremely effective with up to 196% reduction in BOD5. Biotab7 is non-carcinogenic and environmentally safer than other leading chemicals.

Odor Control

Raw water and sewage presents one of the toughest challenges in terms of odor control. Biotab7 destroys odor – it does not just mask it. Biotab7 is extremely effective at killing odors because it targets and destroys all odor-causing bacteria, whether they be suspended in liquid or air-born. The simple use of Biotab7 in treatment tanks, ponds or mister systems provides continual odor and toxic gas treatment for municipal solid waste facilities, improving the air quality for your workers.

System Maintenance

The harsh chemicals traditionally used in wastewater management come at a cost to pipes and systems due to their corrosive nature. Iron build up is not only toxic but also clogs pipes, thereby reducing yield. As a powerful oxidizing agent, Biotab7 reduces iron scaling and build up within internal systems and increases yield while preventing damage. Biotab7 is non-corrosive and safe for metal or plastic pipes and systems. No specialized equipment or training needed: just add to water.


  • Strong Deodorizer
  • Raw water treatment
  • Treatment Ponds
  • Safe for all systems
  • Non-carcinogenic
  • Non-corrosive
  • Significant BOD5 Reduction
  • 18 products in 1

Pathogen Kill List

Biotab7 is a potent yet safe antimicrobial biocide, proven against 20+ pathogens, including:

E. Coli
Staph (Staphylococcus Aureus)
Influenza A H1N1
Listeria Monocytogenes
Mold and mildew

Full Pathogen Hitlist
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