Looking for a dynamic new product to offer your customers
but want to avoid the costs of EPA registration, laboratory testing, and sourcing?

Biotab7 is proven, certified, and ready to become a part of your product line.


Pathogen Claims

You gain rights to Biotab7 kill claims.

Your Branding

Your logo and product name on a proven product.

Your Uses

We offer over 100 industry uses to choose from.


We've done the heavy lifting.

In a nutshell: we do the hard work behind the scenes, you have a ready-to-go product to sell.

Full Support

We are there for you at every turn, from acquiring your own company number to federal and state registrations and renewals.

Save Thousands

We provide your State EPA Registrations  in-house, saving you time and thousands of dollars for a regulatory consultant who does not understand the product.

EPA Registered Medical Grade Disinfectant

EPA Medical Grade Disinfectants are governed by EPA FIFRA. We provide our expertise to keep you within regulation, providing a superior product that is safe from hefty EPA compliance fines. We provide federally approved product labeling, compliant packaging and door to door service to you or directly to your client.

Consistently Improving

As we make improvements to product labels, improve efficacy claims, and add additional product uses, you benefit as well. Unlike most products who apply to EPA once and never improve, we are in the process of our 3rd product and label improvement in less than 6 years! You gain the benefits of our hard work automatically.

Regulatory Compliance Assistance

We want you to be successful. Bringing a new federally regulated product on board has many facets. We have years of experience and will guide you through the process, from your product labels to Safety Data Sheets (SDS) to your website, we are here to provide hands on assistance and sound guidance.


National/United States

Based outside the United States? Looking to break into the US market?
Biotab7 is the perfect product for you.

International Footprint

Talk to us about how Biotab7 could be the
ideal ready-to-go product for you.