Biotab7 vs Water Scaling

Biotab7 vs Water Scaling



Ever noticed water scale building up on your plastics?

Here in the Arizona desert, we noticed the grill of mighty office fridge (where our ice cold water is dispensed) was in need of descaling. It looked like a prime office experiment to us.


  • An extended soak in trusty grease cutting dish-washing liquid
  • Foam cleaner (which usually performs well in general)
  • Put it through the most vigorous setting of a high spec dishwasher

None of the average cleaners had made a dent.

It was time to break out the Biotab7.

We mixed up a soak of 500 ppm and left it to work for 4 hours.

The result? Magic! The scale fell off – no scrubbing, just a gentle wipe was all it took.

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