The results are in: Biotab7 kills Tuberculosis

The results are in: Biotab7 kills Tuberculosis

After 6 months of testing, the long-awaited results are back from the laboratory: Biotab7 kills Tuberculosis; effective at 500 ppm!

How does Biotab7 kill Tuberculosis?

In the simplest temrs, Tuberculosis (TB) is a bacterial infection, and Biotab7 sucessfully destroys the bacteria. That is the cliffnotes version!

We are always excited when our products push the envelope and we can help even more people.

In 2016 alone, TB infected 10.4 million people worldwide, with over 9,000 cases reported in the US. It affects those most vunlerable and causes great suffering, and even death.
Another diseases added to the kill-zone.

Tuberculosis Mycobacterium Bovis ATCC 35743


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