Biotab7 is a true all-round biocide.

As a disinfectant, sanitizer, deodorizer, algaecide, slimicide, and antimicrobial, it can do it all; from sanitizing guest rooms, to cleaning pools, to rinsing food at restaurants.

Ideal for the entire hospitality industry, where high standards of cleanliness are demanded.

Easy to Use

While there is plenty of fancy chemistry in Biotab7, using it could not be easier. Simply add to water and apply as a spray or a soak. That’s it! No need for protective gear or specialized training. Working in a wide pH range of 2 – 11, it also makes managing pools and spas a breeze.

Guest Rooms

Keeping guest rooms and bathrooms fresh and sanitary is critical. As a surface cleaner for wood, tiles, concrete, as well as a room deodorizer, Biotab7 can help managers cut costs by replacing superfluous products.

Kitchen Sanitizer

When it comes to keeping kitchens clean, Biotab7 does it all.  Sanitize counters, sinks, sponges, refrigerators, dishwashers, microwaves, stovetops, stainless steel, and cutting boards, without the risk of harmful chemicals. Spray into trash cans to neutralize bad odors and sanitize your bins.

All Around Cleaner & Sanitizer

Hospitality is a highly competitive industry where first impressions make all the difference. Presenting clean, fresh, and sparkling environments to your customers is imperative. Talk to us today about how Biotab7 can help you raise the bar in your business.

Cost Effective

We understand the need to minimize maintenance costs, so more of your budget goes to staff and guest care. Not only does Biotab7 do the job of several products in one, it is also highly concentrated. The math is simple: less product used = better value for your money.


Biotab7 neutralizes bad odors safely – without unnatural perfumes or other irritating agents. Dissolve into a container for a small room, or add to a spray bottle and spritz the air to ensure your guests are welcomed by a fresh first impression.


EPA Registered, NSF Certified, USDA Compliant.

Safe for Food.

Safe on meat,
fruit & vegetables.

Easy to Use.

Just add to water.
No rinsing required.


The strongest protection
against the worst germs.


Cruise Ships
Hotels & Motels
Cafes, Bars, & Restaurants
RV & Caravan Parks
Charter Companies


Guest Rooms
Carpet Freshener
Tiles and Concrete
Disinfecting Mops, Cloths, Sponges
HVAC and Ventilation Systems


Staphylococcus Aureus ATCC 6538
Norovirus Feline Calicivirus ATCC VR-782
MRSA Methicillin RSA ATCC 33591
Influenza A H1N1 ATCC VR- 1736
Trichophyton Interdigitale ATCC 9533
Klebsiella Pneumoniae ATCC BAA- 2146 [CRE]
Escherichia Coli ATCC BAA-2469 [CRE]
Salmonella Enterica ATCC 10708
Listeria Monocytogenes ATCC 49594
Zika Virus Strain MR 776 ATCC VR-1838
Mold and mildew
And much more…


Biotab7 works by penetrating the bacterial cell wall and reacting with amino acids in the cytoplasm. It oxidizes bacteria, destroying it from the inside.

Laboratory Study: Bacterial Destruction
What is Biotab7
Biotab7 Sample Packs