From injuries to illnesses, keeping University of Arizona’s Football Team safe is my highest priority every single day.

Advanced Biocide Technologies’ Biotab7 makes one thing easier for me. Unlike most products that make big promises and don’t’ deliver, Biotab7 is a proven winner against big problems like MRSA and influenza that can take us off the field when it counts the most. And some not so scary things like smelly equipment.

Biotab7 leaves a clean, fresh smell, works fast and lasts long!

Wendell Neal
Associate Athletic Director for Equipment Operations

Equine Dermatitis

Equine Dermatitis

Equine Dermatitis

My horse had a severe case of EQUINE DERMATITIS ( Equine Summer ItchEquine Sweet ItchEquine Summer Eczema ). After many attempts  of different shampoos and all kinds of other all natural remedies, I tried the Biotab7 tablets in simple application by dissolving in a 5 gal bucket and just sponging on 3 to 5 times a week. After 3 weeks of this process i saw new regrowth in hair and subsiding of itchiness, with no adverse reaction in the horse .

I'm amazed at the results! Hats off to ADVANCED BIOCIDE TECHNOLOGIES, Inc, this is a great product .
( Karen Johnson. Florida. U.S.A.

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